Focus on the Process, Not the Result

When a lot of humans anticipate of art, they anticipate of something changeless and unchanging. Films play affective images with sound, and music fills the air with melody, but acceptable forms of art are still and lifeless: a statue, an oil painting, a harbinger basket. If appropriately preserved, a section of art can abide the aforementioned for decades or even centuries. You can appearance a painting at the art building as a child, again go aback and appearance the aforementioned painting as an adult–and it’s still absolutely the same. For these affidavit and more, humans tend to appearance art as something already stopped, something at a standstill. The action is unimportant; it is artlessly a agency to an end.

But this is not true.

And in today’s world, even artists accept started to accept this myth. They pay little absorption to the artistic process, instead hasty through as bound as accessible so they can advertise the section and move on to the next one. The action is a chore, while the accomplished section is the reward. With deadlines looming ahead, there’s no allowance for spontaneity, creativity, or last-minute changes. The artisan is absolutely focused on the eyes in her head, and will not acquiesce annihilation to get in her way–not even a access of imagination.

As artists, it’s time to breach out of that old mindset and acquiesce our art to change and abound to its abounding potential. The action affairs a lot of of all, for that is area art comes alive.

We account out our rapidly alteration vision, alpha applying acrylic to the canvas, accomplish changes and alterations as the besom guides us, and sometimes end up with a absolutely altered section altogether. Art is so aqueous and ad-lib that sometimes even we can’t accept what we’ve created!

When you acquisition yourself authoritative “finishing touches” indefinitely, after anytime in fact finishing, it’s usually due to some annoyance with the accomplished work. Stop disturbing yourself; if you focus on the act of creating rather than the act of finishing, added generally than not you’ll apperceive absolutely if you’re done, and it will usually abruptness you because you weren’t paying absorption to the accomplishment line.

It’s important to set goals and plan against deadlines, but if you see the artistic action as alone a agency to an end, you’ll sap all the joy out of your work. Don’t be abashed to play about and experiment. Plan allegedly and let the canvas reflect your close vision. The best abreast painters are consistently evolving and experimenting, aggravating to advance their plan to the next level. If you wish to create, be a creator–not anyone who throws something calm in a chase to the finish.